Nabucco Pet Food

Delicious kibble with organic chicken, MSC fish and peas for small dogs. A complete, nutritious and highly appetising meal with smaller kibble for your small breed puppy or adult dog.
  • Additives:
  • Vitamin A-18400
  • Vitamin B1-6.01
  • Vitamin B2-11,8
  • Vitamin B6-6,7
  • Vitamin B12-40
  • Vitamin D3-1470
  • Vitamin D2
  • Vitamin E-100
  • Taurin -
  • L-Carnitin -
  • Biotin-380
  • Trace elements:
  • Iodine-1,4
  • Manganese-34
  • Iron-37
  • Copper-9
  • Zinc-108
  • Selenium-0,24
  • Energy: 355 Kcal per 100 grams

Dried chicken* 19%, oats*, wheat*, corn*, chicken fat*, soy husks*, rice protein*, peas*, dried MSC herring¹, hydrolised liver*, soy beans*, brewers yeast, sunflower seed husks*, minerals, MSC fish oil¹.

* = organic.

¹From an MSC certified sustainable fishery |

96% of agricultural resources is sourced from organic agriculture.

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Crude protein28.0%
Crude fiber3.5%
Crude fat14.0%
Crude ash7.0%