Nabucco Pet Food

About us - and what are we providing more than the others.

Nabucco Pet Products Ltd is a shop providing Food and Accessories for Cats and Dogs.

Nabucco™ is trademark registered by EUROSER SAS in France, sister company of SEGEA LTD in Cyprus, both companies are specialized in providing raw meat materials for Industrial clients and overseas markets. Since 2006, EUROSER SAS is a certified organic supplier, providing human grade organic meat to pet food manufacturer. Nabucco™ has been registered to create a safe sourcing environment for our pet food industrial clients. As Organic supplier, EUROSER SAS is audited regularly by BUREAU VERITAS to ensure Organic products meet the European regulation No 834/2007 dated 28th of June 2007.

Since 2015, SEGEA is providing from Cyprus some Ovine meat products to Pet Food Manufacturers in Europe through the Nabucco™ supply chain.

As part of the development of Nabucco™, we started serving some European BARF producers with Organic beef or ovine co-products.

In 2020, COVID crisis brought consumers closer to natural or organic products for their families but also for their furry friends. But unfortunately, in Cyprus the organic offer is present but still marginal. We wanted then to offer our unique our Nabucco™ sourcing experience to the Cypriot Pet Owners.

All the brands we represent are manufacturing the food and accessories in Europe, in full transparency. And as our companies cooperate with them for the raw meat materials, we know well their purchasing standards.

Nabucco Pet Products Ltd represents exclusively 4 brands in Cyprus:



Fully organic qibbles, pate and snacks for dogs and cats, better for your pets and the environment. Yarrah is a producer based in the Netherlands.

Herrmann’s Manufaktur: 

A family-run producer based in Germany, offering homemade recipes with organic and natural ingredients.


Naturally divine! Cernunos is the male god of the celts. But it is also the specialist of natural toys for your pets, based in France.


The most innovative concept to treat your pet with sustainable accessories, made out of plastic collected from the oceans, recycled leather or eLeather. All accessories are manufactured in Italy.