Nabucco Pet Food

Why switch to Organic Pet Food with Nabucco?

First of all, for us the most important with organic food for your pet is the transparency about product origin and manufacturing places. Our products are made in Europe. We can locate the units on a map. We cannot say that for all brands…

Then, organic products are produced in a sustainable way, and there are no genetically modified ingredients in the recipes, no added chemical products and no hormones. Animals from which the meat is coming from are bred in open air and fed with organic feeding as well, and their welfare is respected according to stricter regulations. Providing organic food requires some commitment all along the supply chain.

Do not get mistaken, organic products are certified and controlled – as is our shop - whereas natural recipes are not: producers of natural pet food can do whatever they fancy with the sourcing of ingredients and the naming of their products. Our products have a BIO logo on them, for you to understand the difference. Even the recipes where meat comes from animals for which there is no organic scheme are partially organic: the vegetables are certified! And our producers make sure the same level of exigence is required for the rabbit, the venison or the deer meat used in the recipes.

The organic pet food sold at Nabucco simply fulfills the European Legislation for Organic Products (see our FAQ for more details), whereas other natural or classic brands will enjoy a more relaxed scheme…

In general, feeding your pet with Organic Food can only bring him or her a better health and well-being. It is the same for us. And because in organic products there is no pesticide, no chemicals and no hormones, you reduce the risk of allergies.

If we push the analysis further, if you pet does not ingest hormones, pesticides and chemicals, his poo will be “healthier”, so his environment footprint is simply better.