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Duck for my cat, but why?

Jan 18, 2022

Duck for my cat, but why?

Cats 🐈 are carnivore, it means they primarily eat meat 🥩. Felines are dependent on meat diet, it is called obligate carnivores, so they cannot survive without meat in their diet. In other words, they have requirements that are only applicable to cats, and this is where feeding your cat may be a challenge.

Your cat will generally enjoy frequent small meals 🍲, which is not so convenient for a pet leaving in an apartment, with work life their owners may have. This is mainly the reason why most cat-owners give dry food to their cat, as it allows their friend to eat at its own convenience – remember to leave enough water accessible! However, some producers like Herrmann’s Manufaktur do not offer dry food for cats as wet food is generally tastier and provides naturally the fluids 💧 your cat needs. Hence, the focus on Herrman’s recipe 🥫: organic duck with potatoes and banana chips.

Coming back to our topic about duck meat 🦆 for cats, why would it be better? First of all, since age of times, cats are hunters, they need to hunt to get food. Therefore, they need access to a variety of proteins.  Second, you cat may be allergic to chicken or turkey, duck is appropriate for allergy sufferers or sensitive animals. Third, duck meat is different, it contains more than 80% of red muscle fibers, which makes it a red meat. With all the advantages it provides!

Let’s go to slightly more details about duck meat:

  1. High Quality Protein: Duck meat provides proteins which your cat needs as an energy source;
  2. Rich in Omega-3: Omega-3 will give your cat a healthy skin and shiny fur;
  3. Excellent source of Zinc: improves the immunity system of your cat;
  4. Contains Phosphor: It plays an essential role in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth;
  5. Rich in Vitamins B: strengthens your pet's fur, nervous system and metabolism;
  6. Contains Iron: essential for transporting oxygen and forming red blood cells in the blood.

Including duck meat in you cat’s diet will improve its overall health. Herrman’s recipe “Organic duck with potatoes and banana chips” contains 96% organic duck (75% breast meat, 10% co-products) and 2.5% potato and banana chips, enhancing the taste of the dish!

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