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How organic chicken are bred?

Dec 15, 2021

How organic chicken are bred?

Let's start at the beginning, an organic chicken 🐔 is a chicken that has been bred according to the organic regulations. These rules ensure the animal welfare specific to chicken, ensure also a sustainable farming 🌍, free of polluting chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Organic chickens are free-range, it means they are raised outside in fields where they can roam as they please. The goal is to provide them with the maximum space they need, to give them access to a source of natural light 🌞 and fresh air. They also have access to shelters to protect them from cold nights and predators. For maximum comfort in these rest shelters 🏘️, well-mulched litter boxes are provided.

Chicken is a granivore: under the controlled organic designation, a chicken is fed organic vegetable grain and water. No antibiotics are added to its food or animal meal, only good organic plant grains! Finally, no trace of GMOs and growth hormones are found in their food.

Often, we are wondering what happens when a chicken is ill 🌡️: in that case, the animal is isolated from its group to avoid spreading the disease. The chicken is treated with a homeopathic treatment. If the disease persists, to avoid unnecessary suffering, the animal is treated with antibiotics. In such a case, it can no longer be sold under the organic name.


All this applies to the chicken protein that you can find at Nabucco, whether you choose to feed your pet with organic dry food or chicken pate in alu trays from Yarrah or tasty chicken recipes in cans or pouches from Herrmanns Manufaktur.

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