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The anti-age recipe: feeding my senior dog!

Feb 23, 2022

The anti-age recipe: feeding my senior dog!

We all remember the time our best friend was a puppy, running and jumping everywhere, biting in every furniture of the house… But with all the years that have passed, your dog prefers to stay inside rather than walking outside, plays catch briefly, sleeps longer in front of the fireplace, or simply his hearing is not as good as it used to be…

This change in behavior, body shape or health is normal and that does not mean your dog is less healthy, it simply means it is reaching his senior era. Vets generally consider the final quarter of your dog’s expected life to be his ‘senior’ years. As his owner, you need to be more careful at his diet, as its dietary needs are also evolving.

Your dog being less active means its energy requirements is also lower (this applies as well to inactive dogs). Its diet must therefore contain less fat to ensure that our elderly does not put too much on weight and but also the right level of protein to maintain its muscle mass. Finally, the other ingredients must be oriented to improve its joints, ligaments and in general skeleton pains.

Yarrah Senior Kibbles have been specifically designed to provide the best to your senior dog:

  • Lower in energy, ideal for the reduction in its activity;
  • 17% organic chicken, dried slowly, which is easy to digest;
  • MSC Herring, source of omega-3 and fatty acids, and has an inti-inflammatory effect on the skin and coat;
  • Devil’s claw, used to reduce joint pain, relieve arthritis and stimulate digestion;
  • Horsetail restores, strengthens and relaxes the skeleton, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails. It slow down the aging process in the elastic tissues;
  • Rosehip, an anti-inflammatory;

When your dog starts to get old, and loses interest in its regular food, it is time to try Yarrah’s anti-age Senior Dog Food.

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