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My Dog is Bored: what to do?

Mar 24, 2022

My Dog is Bored: what to do?

We often hear pet owners complaining that their dogs or cats is bored… This is a wide statement, let’s see what it means exactly, and what are the signs of boredom.

In general, as we are out of the house eight hours per day, your pet will try to pass time by “creating” activities on their own: digging in the garden, scratching the sofa, ripping off the garbage… Because they lack physical and mental stimulation, they look for something to do… To our greatest despair, us owners!

Always remember, what’s funny for your dog or cat, can be destructive for your home or even be dangerous for your pet.

So, how do we prevent all this from happening?

First of all, it is very important to teach your puppy what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is not! From the youngest age.

Then, as an owner, you need to find ways to keep your dog busy:

  • Exposition to interesting places or opportunities,
  • New experiences,
  • Opportunity to solve problem,
  • Interact with objects from the environment,

If your dog is not busy, he will get bored.


Make sure you leave your dog a toy to play when you are not there, take it back when you come home. Also, remember to regularly switch toys, so your friend does not get bored with the toy!

Chewing is also an excellent activity, especially if your puppy is teething! Anyhow, dogs of all ages like to chew as stress-reliever.

With regards to chewing toys, it is important to be there the first times your dog plays to monitor if all is in order!

Body Stimulation

You can try to make the most benefits of the food as well, by using Kongs – we are not selling this product - filled with treats or kibbles, with which your dog will play for some time.

Or other labyrinth games which keep your dog focused! Remember, hiding treats and having your dog to search for them is a very good exercise.


Always remember, getting your dog tired makes your dog happier! When bored, they repress energy, but give them enough physical activity, and they will be keener in a long relaxing siesta!

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