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Why does my dog need to chew?

Aug 11, 2022

Why does my dog need to chew?

Chewing is an important element of your dog’s life 🐕. It promotes a better dental hygiene 🪥; it stimulates him mentally 🧠 and it supports its natural instincts 🌳.

However, your dog should not chew anything for the sake of chewing, a good chew should taste great and hold its attention for more than 10 minutes ⏲️.

With this regard let’s talk about these long-lasting digestible chews.

Instinctively, in nature, dogs would chew parts of their preys or parts found on animals being left behind, for instance the deer antlers, after shedding. These digestible chews will provide your dogs a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, calcium and proteins.

Repetitive action of chewing releases serotonin and dopamine, which supports mental health and the feel-good vibe. Chewing may also help to calm your dog, whatever its age, but especially when puppies are teething! On top of that, chewing requires concentration, the more focused is your furry friend, the more it will get tired.

Chewing also helps with dental health as it decreases plaque and tartar build-up. Again, in the wild dogs would eat their preys’ fur or bones to use their natural brushing effect on their teeth.

Our shop offers various long-lasting chews, from rabbit 🐇 ears with hair to deer 🦌antler, dried beef 🐄 tendons to olive tree bones or even Yak’Cheese, suitable for dogs of all age, race and size!

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