Nabucco Pet Food

BECO BAMBOO DOG WIPES -UNSCENTED- 80WIPES-[lkb] Features[lkb] Material: Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, which is both strong and biodegradable.[lkb] Unscented: Free from fragrances, making them ideal for pets with sensitive skin or allergies.[lkb] Eco-friendly: The use of bamboo helps reduce environmental impact compared to traditional wipes made from synthetic materials.[lkb] Multi-purpose: Suitable for cleaning paws, fur, and other parts of the pets body.[lkb] Benefits[lkb] Gentle on Pets: The wipes are soft and gentle, ensuring they do not irritate the pets skin.[lkb] Convenient: Handy for quick clean-ups after walks, trips to the park, or any messy situation.[lkb] Sustainable Choice: By choosing bamboo wipes, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.[lkb]