Nabucco Pet Food

Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks are made from the branches of the coffee tree when the plant stops producing coffee beans, the branches are thus used to produce chew sticks for dogs.
Coffee wood is a very dense wood that makes a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog.
Make sure your dog plays with it under supervision.

-Suitable for all breeds
-Dogs with powerful jaws

XS approx 12/13cm/60Gr Dogs up to 5Kg
S approx 15cm/75Gr Dogs from 5 to 10Kg
M approx 18cm/125Gr Dogs from 10 to 20Kg
L approx 21 cm/400Gr Dogs from 20 to 30 Kg
XL approx 27 cm/700Gr Dogs more than 30Kg