Nabucco Pet Food

Ease your dogs stress and anxiety with our specialized calming supplement, crafted to promote relaxation and well-being.
Its formulated to:

•Reduce Stress Anxiety:
Ashwagandha and L-tryptophan soothe nerves and promote relaxation.
•Improve Sleep: Supports better, more peaceful sleep without causing drowsiness.
•Decrease Hyperactivity Aggression:
Passion flower and lemon balm calm hyperactive behavior and reduce aggression.

Effective Relief for Common Symptoms:

•Hyperactive Behavior:
Passion flower and lemon balm help calm jumping and barking.
•Stress Anxiety:
Ashwagandha provides comfort during stressful situations.
•Loud Noises:
Eases anxiety during fireworks and thunderstorms. •Aggressive Behavior:
L-tryptophan promotes relaxation and reduces aggression.
Reduces fear and nervousness when left alone.
Promotes peaceful sleep to ease restlessness.
Reduces stress and supports serotonin production.
Regulates cortisol levels to reduce stress and anxiety.
•Lemon Balm:
Enhances mood and aids digestion.
•Magnesium: Supports muscle relaxation.
•Passion Flower:
Relieves anxiety and promotes calmness.
•Vitamin B Mix:
Boosts overall well-being and eases tension.
Feeding Guide:
Tailor the dosage to your dogs weight for optimal results:
•Small Dogs 10 kg:
1 chew/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 3 months.
•Medium Dogs 10-20 kg:
2 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 1.5 months.
•Large Dogs 20-30 kg:
3 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 1 month.
•Extra Large Dogs 30 kg:
4 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 3/4 month