Nabucco Pet Food

Support your dogs digestive health with our specialized probiotics supplement, designed for sensitive tummies.
Its formulated to:
•Improve Digestion:
Probiotics and prebiotics enhance gut flora for better digestion.
•Reduce Odor:
Probiotics eliminate bad bacteria, reducing stinky farts and bad breath.
•Boost Immunity:
Postbiotics support immunity, promoting overall health.
Effective Relief for Common Symptoms:
•Poor Digestion Gut Flora:
Probiotics and prebiotics optimize digestion and gut health.
•Stinky Farts Breath:
Balances gut bacteria for fresher breath and reduced gas.
•Reduced Immunity:
Postbiotics enhance immune function, aiding in disease prevention.
•Sensitive Tummy:
Ginger and zinc soothe and support sensitive stomachs.
•Unhealthy Bowel Movement:
Maintains healthy stools and regulates bowel movements.
•Poor Stool Consistency:
Combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics improves stool stability.
Good bacteria that eliminate bad bacteria in the gut.
Dietary fibers that nourish beneficial gut bacteria.
Reduces gas and bloating, rich in antioxidants.
Essential for intestinal health in dogs.
•Apple Pectin:
Source of polygalacturonic acid, supports healthy stools.

Feeding Guide:
Tailor the dosage to your dogs weight for optimal results:
•Small Dogs 10 kg:
1 chew/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 3 months.
•Medium Dogs 10-20 kg:
2 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 1.5 months.
•Large Dogs 20-30 kg:
3 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 1 month.
•Extra Large Dogs 30 kg:
4 chews/day 1 Tin 90 chews lasts about 3/4 month.
Support your dogs digestive comfort and overall well-being with our effective, plant-based probiotics supplement.