Nabucco Pet Food

Features and Usage
Purpose: INOOM Pet Tear Stain Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove tear stains and gently clean around your pets eyes.
Tear stains can be caused by excessive tearing, and this product helps in keeping the area clean and reducing staining.

Ingredients: Typically includes gentle cleansers and soothing agents to effectively clean and maintain the sensitive area around your pets eyes.
Usage Instructions: Apply a small amount of the tear stain cleaner onto a clean cloth or cotton pad.
Gently wipe around your pets eyes to remove any tear stains or debris.
Take care to avoid direct contact with your pets eyes.

Effective Cleaning: Helps to remove tear stains and keep the area around your pets eyes clean.

Gentle Formulation: Designed to be gentle on your pets sensitive eye area.
Convenience: Provides an easy and effective solution for managing tear stains.