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Martin Sellier Imaginary Bird.
The Martin Sellier Imaginary Bird of Sound is an innovative and interactive toy designed to engage your dogs senses and stimulate their curiosity.
This unique toy features a variety of textures, colours, and sounds that provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your pet.
Imaginative Design:
Features an imaginative bird shape that appeals to your dogs sense of curiosity and playfulness.
Multisensory Experience:
Incorporates different textures, colours, and sounds to engage your dogs senses and keep them entertained.
Interactive Play:
Encourages interactive play between you and your dog, promoting bonding and socialization.
Durable Construction:
Made from high-quality materials to withstand chewing and rough play, ensuring longevity.
Safe for Pets:
Free from harmful chemicals and materials, prioritizing your dogs health and safety.
Mental Stimulation:
Stimulates your dogs mind and alleviates boredom, preventing destructive behavior.
Sensory Development:
Helps develop your dogs sensory skills through exploration and play.
Physical Exercise:
Encourages physical activity and promotes your dogs overall health and well-being.
Provides an opportunity for interactive play and bonding between you and your dog.
Usage Instructions:
Introduce the Imaginarybird toy to your dog and allow them to explore it at their own pace.
Interactive Play:
Engage your dog in games like fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek using the toy.
Supervised Play:
Supervise your dog during playtime to ensure the toy remains intact and safe.
Clean the toy regularly with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris.
While durable, inspect the toy regularly for signs of wear and tear.
Replace if it becomes damaged.
Size Suitability:
Choose a toy that is appropriate for your dogs size and chewing habits to prevent choking hazards.
Play Style:
Consider your dogs play preferences and choose a toy that matches their style of play.