Nabucco Pet Food


The WufWuf Co Xmas Mat

Light up your dog’s eyes with this Xmas tree!

Wufmas treat house is an interactive dog toy designed to slow down eating, while engaging your dogs sense of smell and natural foraging skills.

Designed to keep your dogs entertained and mentally stimulated, this Christmas tree-shaped snuffles mat is full of joy. Simply stuff your dogs favourite treats or kibble and let them sniff it out! Fleece fabric means its easily machine washable and safe for all dogs.

There are eight sections of different difficulty levels to ensure your dog’s natural foraging instincts are utilised.

Did you know that nose work is much more mentally stimulating for dogs than a walk? Your dog requires regular stimulation for their overall happiness and well-being and snuffle mat puzzle toys alleviate stress levels, rewarding them for being engaged with the toy.

Work for all breeds sizes.

Machine washable.

Hand-stiched, no small plastic parts.

Dimensiond: 60cm x 40cm